This two-year course is aimed at students with a creative flair who wish to develop skills in new media and gain an understanding of multi-media industries. The qualification is entirely coursework based; therefore topics are delivered as ‘assignments’. These will introduce students to a variety of skills which are applied to work-related scenarios, giving the student an understanding of how their skills can be applied to different creative industries. The range of applications covered includes Photography, Film/Video, Animation, Web/Interface Design, Graphics and Print/Publishing. Students will also develop their presentation skills. The seven units to be completed are:

Year 13

Unit 1 Pre-production techniques for the creative media industries (5 credits)

Unit 2 Communication skills for creative media production (5 credits)

Unit 3 Research techniques for the creative media industries (10 credits)

Unit 4 Understanding the Interactive Media Industry (10 credits)

Year 14

Unit 5 Digital Graphics for Interactive Media (10 credits)

Unit 6 Digital Communication (10 credits)

Unit 7 Digital Video Production for Interactive Media (10 credits)


In covering these units, students are introduced to concepts of journalism, documentary, marketing, promotion and authoring.

Staff in Department

Miss E Meehan