A-Level Sociology

AQA specification

Structure of Course and Scheme of Assessment

AS Level

Unit 1- Family and Households (40% of AS)

Written paper 1 hour -  Examined in June


Unit 2- Education and Sociological Methods (60% of AS)

Written paper 2 hours - Examined in June


A2 Level

Unit 3- Beliefs (40% of A2 Level)

Written paper 1hour 30 minutes - Examined in June


Unit 4 – Crime and deviance and Theory and Methods (60% of A2 Level)

Written paper 2 hour -  Examined in June


Skills developed through the study of Sociology:

• Thinking critically, Developing arguments, Debating, Working with others, Problem solving, Extended writing,  Structured writing 

Career Opportunities

Many sociology students go onto study this subject either on its own or as part of combined degree course. A background in Sociology is useful for many other subject areas. This may lead onto a wide variety of careers including Social Work, Journalism and Media, Law, criminology and teaching


Staff in Department

Mrs R Cush - Head of department