About the Department:

The Science Department is a very progressive subject Department catering for all ability ranges across the school curriculum- ranging from Key Stage Three to ‘A’ Level. Students studying Science have achieved excellent grades in both GCSE and ‘A’Level.

Over the years the Department has developed links with various external agencies and community based businesses such as Loughry College, Belfast City Hospital, W5 Odyssey, Ulster University Coleraine, Quinn Group, Balcas and many others.

Facilities available:

Four fully equipped Science Labs

Subjects offered:

  • KS3 Science
  • AQA GCSE Science A
  • AQA GCSE Additional Science
  • AQA GCE Applied Science – Single Award
  • AQA GCE Applied Science – Double Award

Staff in Department

Mrs S Rodgers - Head of Department and Teacher of Science

Mr J Ownes

Mr B Armitage

Miss A Devlin

Miss D McPhillips

Science Technician:

Mr E O’Harte