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Technology and Design allows you to learn about Product Design. It also provides a good foundation if you would like to study technology and design related subjects at a more advanced level.


Why Study Technology & Design?




It’s fun to design and make:


  • To create your own product.

  • To work with tools and machines.

  • To use graphics, and other methods, to communicate your design ideas.

  • To make links between products and the impact they have on daily life.

  • To develop your decision making skills.

  • Gain insight into related sectors such as Manufacturing/Engineering and the career paths they have to offer.

        Main Topics Covered








Technology and Design Core:



    • Manufacturing
    • Electronics
    • Mechanical control systems
    • Computer control systems
    • Pneumatics systems and control




Product Design:



    • Materials and Components
    • Manufacturing practices
    • Social responsibility and market influences.









Exam Details & Coursework

This GCSE in Technology and Design is divided into four units:


Unit 1: Technology and Design Core: 1 Hour examination paper: 20% of GCSE.


Unit 3: Product Design: 1 Hour examination: 20% of GCSE.


Unit 4: Design Assignment: You will complete a Design assessment: 20% of GCSE


Unit 5: Design Project: Product design and manufacture: 40% of GCSE.




As part of the Technology and Design GCSE course pupils were required to create an original practical piece, based on themes set by CCEA.  


Examples of student work:













Teaching Staff:

 Mrs T Campell